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A Guardianship gives someone the legal authority to act on behalf of a disabled person. Guardians are appointed by the court.

The court can appoint a guardian of the person and/or estate. There are numerous reasons for pursuing guardianship, including:

  • A disabled person may not have executed a power of attorney and needs assistance with personal or financial matters.
  • Under some circumstances, a family member can be appointed guardian for a minor child or children.
  • Once a disabled child turns 18, the child’s parents would need to be named the child's guardian to continue to have legal authority over their child.
  • If a child receives a personal injury award or other significant assets, he or she would need a guardian to manage those assets.

At the Law Office of Daniel Parsons, we guide our clients through the legal process of applying for guardianship over their loved one.

Contact Illinois attorney Daniel Parsons regarding guardianship law.